Our goal is to develop communication skills based on knowledge of structure and reinforced in real-life situations. That is why in our textbook, the selection and the order in which grammatical material is introduced are subordinated to language practice, and grammar is never practised in isolation from the lexis presented in a given lesson. The Student’s Book contains a lot of communication practice, based on texts, dialogues, photographs, authentic materials, etc.


In our textbook, to teach grammar we use the induction method. The new structure is first presented in a real-life situation, which we introduce through various means (dialogues, comics, recordings, texts, photographs, etc.). Appropriately selected examples allow students to understand the meaning of a new form based on context and formulate the rule that governs it by themselves. The consolidation of the new structure takes place "step by step", starting from mechanical, controlled exercises, through more and more free to open exercises, stimulating natural communication.


Transparent and logical tables presenting the new structure (always in green) and grammatical rules (in red) make it easy to understand and remember the rules. All grammatical material is summarised in the form of tables at the end of the Student’s Book.


The Student’s Book allows you to practise all language skills (listening comprehension, understanding written texts, speaking and writing) in a diverse and interesting way. To avoid monotony, we use different types of exercises. The recordings imitate real-life situations and give the opportunity to get accustomed to the sound of the language.


"Polish is cool" Student’s Book is the only book on the market containing a full phonetic course. At the basic level, teaching pronunciation is extremely important as phonetic habits shape the entire process of learning Polish as a foreign language. That is why the textbook opens with "Lesson 0", in which you can find the presentation of the Polish alphabet and many different phonetic exercises. At the end of each unit there is a module "Pronunciation" devoted to phonetic problems that may arise in connection with the material practised in a given unit. In each of these modules there are also exercises devoted to a problematic issue in the phonetics of the Polish language. Moreover, all these exercises can be found on an MP3 disc, which allows learners to practise correct pronunciation on their own.


We make sure that the texts and dialogues prepared are as real-life as possible and useful from the point of view of language practice. From the very beginning we introduce authentic, every-day materials (tickets, menus, cinema repertoires, timetables, departure and arrival boards, exchange rates, etc.) and fragments of newspaper articles, diagrams, slogans, etc., the understanding of which gives elementary students a lot of satisfaction.


The textbook offers a lot of information about Poland – its geography, monuments, culture, traditions (in level with the language), introduces the most important historical figures and well-known Poles living nowadays, and shows everyday life of Poles (including ways of spending free time, family, transport and communication, household expenses). „Polish is cool" is the only course to contain additional „Christmas" and „Easter" lessons devoted exclusively to these Polish holidays customs and traditions. 


As learning, in our opinion, to be effective needs to be enjoyable, we made effort to include lots of fun or provocative drawings, dialogues and exercises in the textbook. These, together with the many games and activities presented in the Teacher’s Book and „Games and Activities” photocopiable book serve to break the ice, integrate the group, reduce the fear of speaking and create a communication situation close to the real-life one.

Student’s Book and Workbook (+CD MP3). Level A2/part 1

ISBN 978-83-947779-7-5


POLSKI JEST COOL. A2/part I is a new part of our popular series dedicated to teaching Polish as a foreign language. Part I - coursebook and workbook in one, consists of 10 lessons covering half of the material necessary to master Polish at level A2.

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Student’s Book (+MP3 CD)

ISBN 978-83-947779-1-3

consists of 24 units and two “special occasions” classes (Christmas and Easter). Each unit contains various tasks which allow students to practice different linguistic competences (listening and reading comprehension, speaking, grammar and writing). The book encompasses authentic materials, dialogues imitating natural communicative situations and clear grammar tables. Moreover, the book includes a phonetic course of Polish with recordings. The attached MP3 disc contains the recordings of the texts and dialogues from the book.

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ISBN 978-83-947779-2-0

is a set of additional grammatical and lexical exercises which are designed to consolidate the structures included in the Student’s Book. There is an answer key at the end of the book.

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Teacher’s Book – Guide (+DVD)

ISBN 978-83-947779-5-1

is a guide to the course, with general instructions for teachers. It proposes the way to introduce, practice and use together the contents of the Student’s Book, Workbook and Games and Activities Book. Teacher’s Book offers also tests after each unit, the answer key to exercises and scripts of all listening activities from the Student’s Book, as well as an instructional DVD.

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Teacher’s Book - Games and Activities (photocopiable)

ISBN 978-83-947779-4-4

is a ready to use, photocopiable source of ideas to make learning Polish an enjoyable experience. There are multiple individual, pair and group communication activities including e.g. surveys, questionnaires, board games, role-play and simulation exercises, dominoes, “match and say” games etc.

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